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Some car manufacturers recommend service intervals from 10,000kms even up to 20,000kms, but this is often reduced under certain conditions. REPCO Authorised Service Centres like Redline EFI in Burleigh Heads recommend more frequent servicing, depending on factors such as the vehicle’s age and driving conditions. Apart from the benefits of changing the oil, regular servicing allows us to identify safety concerns and replace any worn items before they cause major damage.

When should you get an oil change or a spark plug replacement?


Ancillary Oil Changes

Every time your car is serviced the engine oil is changed, but there are other oils in your car which should be changed periodically.

Why is an oil change so important? Well, consider what oil does for your vehicle. It not only keeps your car’s moving parts lubricated, but it also dampens noise, helps to diagnose engine problems and acts as a coolant, among other functions. Clean, new oil achieves these functions much easier and more efficiently than oil that has been working and gathering dirt over a long period of time, hence the importance of an oil change.

Redline EFI provides oil change services from our Burleigh Heads service centre. We can also assist with timing belt replacement and other servicing issues. Make an appointment today.

Ensure the continued optimal performance of your vehicle, and book it in for a scheduled servicing, including an oil change, at Redline EFI in Burleigh Heads today. Whether you live local or in nearby suburbs like Burleigh Waters or Miami, contact us today.

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