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Brakes are a crucial component to any vehicle. To ensure that they continue to perform at their best, it’s important to have your brake pads inspected and most likely replaced when they wear down and begin to ‘squeal’.

Redline EFI will check the quality of your brakes and brake pads with every regular service of your vehicle at our Burleigh Heads service centre. Our experienced car mechanics provide the highest quality brake repair services to ensure your vehicle remains safe to drive and unlikely to put you or others at risk.

Brake fluid service

Brake fluid is the lifeblood of the braking system. Brake fluid transfers the pressure from the brake pedal to the brakes at the wheels. This fluid is very hygroscopic (absorbs moisture very readily) which lowers its boiling point. This can cause contaminated brake fluid to boil, leading to brake failure. It is for this reason that Repco Authorised Service recommends brake fluid replacement at the very least, every two years. Regularly changing the brake fluid in your car allows safe brake operation and can also save money.

Whether you live locally in Burleigh Heads, or nearby in Burleigh Waters, for the best in brake repairs and replacement of brake pads contact Redline EFI today.

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